Jelly Mallow

Jelly Mallow | Shooting Star Lounge Pants


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Jelly Mallow Shooting Star Lounge Pants

Slanted pockets at front and a patch pocket at back

Garment-dyed lounge pants in vintage purple

Rainbow tailed shooting star printed at leg

Elasticated rib knit waistline and cuffs

How to Care for me:

Garment dyeing (Garment washing) -This mean the garment is made, then dyed (washed in colour).

Each garment has shade variation where the colour collects differently.

Dye also coats sewing thread during the colouring process.

The seams may absorb the dye differently.

Colour bleed or color fading may occur in the washing machine.

Please wash it separately.

It may cause color migration to other light colored clothes.

Wash in cold water with neutral detergent or Hand-washing separately in cold water.

Machine wash with oxygen bleach may also cause the color loss related problem. 

Do not rub vigorously to target any stain spots while washing.

Do not wring by hand.

Machine wash using the laundry net and handle with care.

Do not use bleach-based detergents.

Do not soak before washing.

Do not tumble dry.

Do not let wet clothes sit.

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