Little Man Happy

Little Man Happy | Tear Down The Wall Sweat Pants

$43.50 $72.95

The fabric of this sweatpant is a 100% GOTS certified organic fiber. The fabric has a very soft touch to it and will be extra nice on the skin. As always we like to make sure, that the fabric is safe to wear and the colors are long-lasting. The Tear Down The Wall Hang Sweatpants is tinted in black. The lettering is printed on top of the fabric with a rotation print method, that makes sure the powerful design will last for a very long time. We wanted Ronald Reagan´s famous quote to jump out of the black fabric and make a statement for all the people who do not believe in walls. Your kid could be the political star in the kindergarden or school with this sweatpants.

Boys and girls will love to wear this organic children sweatpant. The cuff around the hip will hold the sweatpant in place and let the kids move freely. The smoothly woven fabric falls loosely and is definitely a children´s favorite.

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