Hi, Hey, Hello...

Welcome to the world of Hey Little!

Having always been a bit obsessed with fashion, it was not a huge leap that when I had my own kids, that this obsession would continue with their wardrobes too!

Having two rambunctious boys, I look for brands with functionality. Clothes that kids can move, play and do cartwheels in, but with a point of uniqueness. Nobody wants to be same same!

The brands I source just don't need to look good, they need to 'do' good! I seek out brands with exceptional quality, unique designs and ethical principles- whether this be using organic fabrics, following fair trade practices or giving back to the community. 

At Hey Little you will find a mix of local and international boutique designers, with a focus on quality and modern design.

Happy Shopping and great to meet you.

Lisa xx



Contact us at info@heylittle.com.au